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Madrid Surroundings

Please find below our cultural suggestions in the surroundings of Madrid. Should you need more information, please do not hesitate to ask our reception desk:

Toledo, declared a World Heritage, is a municipality located by the Tajo river in Castilla la Mancha, 80 km away  from the center of Madrid, where you can find three of our VP hotels: VP Jardín de Recoletos, VP El Madroño and VP Jardín Metropolitano.
«The Imperial City» offers their visitors a wide range of history and culture proposal that will definitely amaze you. The 2000 years of history of this Spanish ex-capital have left a rich heritage: the Alcazar, located in the highest part of the city; Puerta Vieja de Bisagra, the old entrance to the city in Andalusian times; Santa María la Blanca synagogue, a mastery architectonic work of Mudéjar and the Santa Cruz Museum, one of the most important galleries of Spain which contains some of the Greco’s works. We highly recommend you to visit this wonderful city since its access is really fast if you take the AVE high speed train. Please do not hesitate to ask any of the VP hotels reception staff who will explain you the best way to reach Toledo.

Segovia is located in Castilla-León, at the north of Madrid at 92 km away from the center of Madrid, where VP hotels has its hotels.
The Roman Aqueduct is the symbol of this World Heritage city. Besides this magnificent architecture work, Segovia has an amazing Alcazar, a splendid Cathedral Santa María and the San Antonio el Real Monastery.
The plaza Mayor square is another treasure of the city, its “tapas” bars and its delicious restaurants with the local specialty of oven roasted pig are some of the recommendations that VP Hoteles recommends you to taste.

La Granja de San Ildefonso
La Granja is located at a very short distance from Segovia, 75 km from Madrid, in the foot hills of Sierra Guadarrama.
It was built as a summer residence for the Spanish Royalty, by Felipe V, and the palace was inspired by the French Chateau de Versailles. It is open to the public with its wonderful gardens decorated with an abundance of fountains, waterfalls and statues.
The Old Glass Factory also located in La Granja is open to the public and also offers some activities which will enable you to discover how this his Factory worked during the XVIII century.
If you are going to stay at any of our VP hotels, please do not hesitate to ask our reception staff who will extend this information if you require so.

San Lorenzo de El Escorial
San Lorenzo de El Escorial is a municipality of Madrid where the Monastery of El Escorial is and Valle de los Caídos are located. It is only at 55 km away from the VP Hoteles situated in the centre of Madrid (VP El Madroño, VP Jardín Metropolitano and VP Jardín de Recoletos).
The spectacular Monastery of El Escorial is declared a World Heritage. It was built in the XVI century by Felipe II and has been considered the Eighth Wonder of the World.
On the way to El Escorial visitors can see the giant cross of the memorial to those perished in the Spanish Civil War, the “Valle de los Caidos”. The basilica carved into the mountain is the burial place of Francisco Franco.

Aranjuez is a municipality of Madrid, situated at 45 km away from the centre of the capital, where three of the four VP Hoteles are located.
Famous because of its Royal Palace, its displays the Sala de Porcelana and the Sala China where 200 Chinese paintings on rice paper are exhibited, which were a present from the Chinese emperor to Queen Isabel II. The Palace has also wonderful gardens with beautiful statues.
The Cultural Landscape of Aranjuez was declared World Heritage by the UNESCO and the major figure of the Concert of Aranjuez by Joaquín Rodriguez.

Ávila is located Castilla-León, 115 km away from VP Jardín Metropolitano, VP Jardín de Recoletos y VP El Madroño, our  VP Hotels situated in the centre of Madrid.
This city was declared World Heritage in 1985. Its main symbol is its magnificent Wall, built in XI century, which surrounds the entire city and which is conserved in perfect conditions. The Cathedral of Salvador de Ávila and the Basilica of San Vicente are other treasures guarded by the city wall.
A curious data of this city: this is the city with most restaurants and hotels per inhabitant, which means that the variety and the quality are guaranteed. 

Alcalá de Henares
Alcalá de Henares is a municipality located in Madrid at 30 km away from VP Hoteles.
This city was declared World Heritage City and you will be able find a piece of culture in every corner. The University of Alcalá is located in this municipality and it was declared World Heritage by UNESCO.
You can also visit the house where Miguel Cervantes was born, the author of The Quixote. The Corral de Comedias offers different shows and you can go under the Puerta de Madrid, built in the XVIII century.

If you want more information do not hesitate to ask our reception of VP hotels.

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Puerta Bisagra Toledo
Alcalá de Henares
Alcazar Segovia
Ávila's Wall
Cathedral of Segovia
Royal Palace of Aranjuez
Fountain of La Granja de San Ildefonso
La Granja de San Ildefonso
Monasterio de El Escorial
El Escorial
Palace of La Granja de San Ildefonso
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